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Local Newspaper reviews "Link's Awakening"

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Local Newspaper reviews "Link's Awakening" Empty Local Newspaper reviews "Link's Awakening"

Post by Deku Link on Sun Feb 12, 2012 5:44 pm

Our local newspaper has a videogame section in their "Freestyle" page. This section is written by, for, and about teenagers. A boy by the name of Thomas H (will not reveal last name) reviewed Link's Awakening and praised it. The review is here. I TAKE NO CREDIT TO IT, I THOUGHT I'D JUST SHARE WITH YOU GUYS.

The Nintendo Game Boy is far from a new or advanced console; with 8-bit graphics, a colorless screen, and an original model the size (and durability) of a brick, it's quite plain-looking and old. However, this does not mean it didn't have a host of great exclusive titles during its lifespan.

While many will remember the pack in Tetris or the Mario Land series, there is one other games that no retro gaming connoisseur should be without-- "The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening."

Originally intended to be a down portal of the 16-bit "Link to the Past" title on the SNES, "Link's Awakening" became its own original game and one of the most interesting departures from the series.

The game takes place on the mysterious Koholint Island, where Princess Zelda is nowhere to be found. Instead, you find yourself starting in the peaceful Mabe Village, where monsters begin to cause trouble around you. From then on, you venture forth on your quest to discover exactly what has brought you here and a way to escape.

Thus, the game begins. "Link's Awakening" is a masterfully crafted and lengthy adventure. The world of "Link's Awakening" is presented on a handy and easily accessible map (brought up on the select button) and is, in fact, quite massive. There are forests, deserts, swamplands, and all kinds of other lands to explore. Each square of the world is separated, and moving in any direction will scroll the screen to the next square of land, keeping with the tradition of most Zelda games. While exploring these lands, you will encounter many different enemies, all of which you will do away using your trusty sword and shield, or one of many items you will encounter throughout the course of the game.

The music in the title is composed of simple, yet memorable, 8-bit tunes with the main theme, "Ballad of the Wind Fish", sure to be remembered by the time it is through. Other tunes presented throughout match the environment, be it adventurous field, dungeons or even the theme or a minor character who, under the impression that he is writing to a beautiful young woman, is in fact exchanging love letters with a goat.

The control in "Link's awakening" is absolutely spot on. Link moves exactly as you command him to and I have never taken a hit that I could blame on anything but my own carelessness. The two face buttons allow you to map any two items, and you can switch items at will with the pause menu. Unlike previous Zelda titles, this allows you to customize your controls as you see fit and combine the abilities of items to go further and explore even more lands.

While you will spend a great chunk of your time questing and completing tasks and assignments, you will also encounter eight dungeons. The dungeon levels are a Zelda tradition and are filled to the brim with enemies, puzzles, and a different boss for every dungeon. At the end of each dungeon (or somewhere in the course of adventuring through one) you will obtain a new item that allows you to, again, progress in the game.

The story of "Link's Awakening" is a product of gaming's early years and it is comedic, even heartfelt at times. Not to spoil the ending, but it is not as spectacular or grand as the story of "EarthBound" or "Final Fantasy 7." Still, Zelda games, which offer real-time combat, do not require a terribly strong in-game story to carry the player through-- the very first title on the original NES is surely a testament to that.

"Link's Awakening" is an all-time classic, which, while not necessarily the most replay-able game of all time, certainly merits at least one play through and guarantees enjoyment throughout.

"Link's Awakening" is highly suggested and, as one of the best-selling Game Boy games on the console, is easily available for purchase from resellers or as a digital download for the Nintendo 3DS.

There you have it.

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Local Newspaper reviews "Link's Awakening" Empty Re: Local Newspaper reviews "Link's Awakening"

Post by MenrowSpirit on Sun Feb 12, 2012 6:00 pm

That kid is a really good writter. I mean, I didn't like La ALL that much because it was really frucking hard for me. From going from Lttp, where people helped you and told you where to go, in LA alot of it you had to figure out yourself. However, he makes it sound like its worth playing, I mean, it is, it has a good story, definatly a plot twister, its just a kinda hard game XD

Local Newspaper reviews "Link's Awakening" Pbucket
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