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Kalir Mora

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Kalir Mora

Post by Sage of Mirrors on Fri Dec 31, 2010 2:33 am

Name: Kalir Mora

Race: Human

Age: 35

Appearence: Kalir stands at roughly 5'7" and weighs around 159 pounds. He has black hair and light pale skin. his eyes are hazel and his facial features are sharp. He is always wearing a dark blue cloak stitched with symbols of the races of Hyrule he's met on his travels. Underneath that, he has a rather large leather vest with black laces and a white cotton garment beneath that. Kalir often wears gloves and is normally seen wearing leather slacks and black boots. Slung over his cloak is a bag that Kalir always carries with him that holds several items, including potions and a book. Kalir's right ear is pierced with a small white gem.

Personality: Kalir is a traveling merchant, and so is used to keeping to himself. He is very quiet by nature, and has a tendency to day dream about childish things, such as going to the moon or flying. He doesn't get mad often, but when he does he won't get over it for a few hours. Kalir also has a tendency to be hard on himself in regards to failures, and this leads him to give up on things a little too early. He enjoys being near water and can more oftn than not be found swimming. Kalir, being gay, doesn't actively search for romance; he's convinced that he doesn't like women for a reason. However, when he's near someone he finds attractive, he may get a bit flustered when talking to them.

Abilities: Although he isn't aware of it yet, he has been choosen as an obscure Sage known as the Sage of Mirrors. Due to this, he is capable of doing thing such as conjure surfaces that can reflect low-level magic and physical projectiles as well as change his appearence slightly (in that he can change how light reflects off of him); However, these abilities are yet unkown to him. Along with this, he is somewhat competent in archery and sword fighting. Being a Human, Kalir doesn't have any other magical abilities.

History: Kalir was born in Lybrana City. He grew up there, spending most of his time exploring caves around the city and playing hide-and-seek with the Forest Fairies. When he was twelve, Kalir accompinied his father on a trip to Holodrum. After going places such as the Temple of Seasons and the Sunken City, Kalir knew that he wanted to travel. Indeed, he learned to swim in the Sunken City. When he was 19, he left home and became a traveling merchant. He's met many people during his years of traveling, and his adventures don't seem to be over yet...
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