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    Humor : If Man were to fly, we'd be born with wings, but why don't we want to get some sleep when we need it?
    Usergroups: Blue Members, Gold members, Hyruleans, Link64 Fan Club!, Registered Sellers, Royal Family
    Rank: Mercenary
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    Humor : "Tonight, your ass will be visited by three ghosts: my foot, my other foot, and a ghost!"
    Usergroups: Blue Members, Hyruleans, Knights, Link64 Fan Club!, Registered Sellers, Registered Sellers (RPG), Royal Family
    Rank: Third-Degree Professional Zombie Assassin
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    Humor : I will bludgeon you to death with a CUCUMBER!!
    Usergroups: Hyruleans, Registered Sellers
    Rank: Kokiri
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    Humor : You dare bring light to my lair?! YOU MUST DIE!
    Usergroups: Hyruleans, Registered Sellers, Royal Family
    Rank: King of Evil
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    Usergroups: Hyruleans, NPCs, Registered Sellers
    Rank: Guardian Fairy

Rank: Legendary
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