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    Humor : "Tonight, your ass will be visited by three ghosts: my foot, my other foot, and a ghost!"
    Usergroups: Blue Members, Hyruleans, Knights, Link64 Fan Club!, Registered Sellers, Registered Sellers (RPG), Royal Family
    Rank: Third-Degree Professional Zombie Assassin
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    Humor : The Chicken King must ride upon your meaty shoulders!
    Usergroups: Hyruleans, Link64 Fan Club!, News Poster, Registered Sellers
    Rank: News Poster
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    Humor : Don't worry, kid, I can read minds. Heh, if I had your looks, I'd be running another business... heh heh heh.
    Usergroups: Blue Members, Hyruleans, NPCs, Registered Sellers, Registered Sellers (RPG), Royal Family
    Rank: Poe Salesman

Rank: Ferocious Demigod
Ferocious Demigod
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