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Zelda Ships?

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Zelda Ships? Empty Zelda Ships?

Post by MenrowSpirit on Wed Apr 16, 2014 1:38 pm

I gotta problems. Browsing through evil parts of DA. I'm starting to support Zelda and Ganon XD haaaalp. It's just like, what if hes only this way because of destiny. Because destiny tells him he's gonna get the Trifroce of Power and he's gonna have to fight a hero and princess. What if Ganon had actully remained loyal to the Royal Family. What if he just didn't like the Gerudo's being forced to the desert and grew up messed up. Idk. It sounds like blasphimey but some of the art I swear. Plus..to be honest WW Ganon didn't sound very evil. He almost seemed like, he just wanted his home back.

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