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Drowned Moon Rising Registration

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Triforce Drowned Moon Rising Registration

Post by Mario on Fri Oct 11, 2013 5:16 am

Hello, my fellow Fielders! How are we all doing today? It's-a me, Mario, back with another RP!

Now, a lot of you guys must remember quite a while ago when we had our BEN DROWNED RP running. Those were the days, amirite? Ever since it ended, HF surely hasn't been nearly as lively. Plus, since that time, I haven't been able to keep a good RP running like that again, mostly due to outside interference. Not to mention, a lot of our site members are HUGE fans of the BD pasta.

So, upon finally coming back here after a while, I had an epiphany. If I could update BD with all of my lessons learned from failed RPs past, and make it more original and enjoyable in the process, we could finally have a successful epic adventure under our belts, giving the site a lot more activity as well.

Still, I'm sure you're all aware of my track record with the RPs I've done before. And yes, I'm aware of it, too. So, I'm gonna need all of your help in order to make this work. The story of this one is going to be co-DMed by Deku and/or Derpiny, along with myself. Shortly before we start, I'll figure out what we'll be doing and how, and explain it to them, so if for any reason I'm gone, they can look after it in my stead. Therefore, I'll do what I can to make sure this one doesn't go inactive.

In addition, here are a list of changes to the overall BD formula to make this more interesting:

-We will NOT just simply be following the story of Majora's Mask except with a different bad guy.

-This story is set in a Termina far different from that of MM's.

-The story is set after both the original creepypasta and the events of MM.

-I'll be using some characters and ideas from ParAbnormal in order to have that RP reach a solid conclusion.

So, since we've got all the basics out of the way, let's get on with the introduction!


This is but one of the legends of which the people speak...

Long ago, there existed a kingdom where dark secrets lay hidden. This place was known as Termina. On the surface, Termina seemed like a peaceful, quant land filled with prosperity. However, looks can be deceiving...

One day, a mysterious man traveled to the kingdom. His name is forever lost to history, but he is remembered as the Happy Mask Salesman. Seeking to set up a shop in the ever-expanding city of Clock Town, he arrived in the kingdom out of nowhere one day. Some believe he may have come from an alternate universe...

No matter the origin, the Salesman had arrived at the perfect time. Termina's annual Carnival of Time would begin in a matter of three days. During the festival, the people of the kingdom would get together and celebrate in honor of the Four Giants, the gods whom had created their land centuries ago. It was customary to wear a unique mask for the duration of the carnival.

However, just before the Salesman could reach Clock Town, he was attacked by a Skull Kid, a creature of the forest. Knocking the Salesman out cold, the Skull Kid fumbled with the man's large rucksack, seeking something interesting to steal.

Little did the creature know, what he would find would change the land of Termina forever...

The object he found was none other than Majora's Mask, an insidious object said to be the prison of an evil spirit. Trying the mask on, the Skull Kid was possessed by the spirit of the mask. With its new vessel at its command, the demon known as Majora was free to wreak havoc upon the kingdom. It started by pillaging the many regions of the kingdom, gradually moving from simple acts of mischief, to outright murder.

The final act of terror caused by the demon was pulling the moon right out of its orbit, giving it a mind of its own and sending it on a crash course towards the kingdom's very center: the Clock Tower. The consequences of the impact would be catastrophic.

But then...just as all hope had died, a young boy clothed in green appeared as if from nowhere. Wielding a blade that repelled evil, he destroyed the dark one and gave the land light. This boy, who came from another world to save the land, was known as the Masked Savior.

However, before he could receive a proper thank-you, the mysterious hero disappeared just as quickly as he came. In his honor, the Carnival of Time became a celebration of not only the Giants, but also of the courageous hero who saved them in their time of need...

Ever since those days, Termina has been a hectic place to live, to say the least. Shortly after the Carnival of Time, the citizens of Clock Town became enraged, believing that if the mayor of the city had set the guards on high alert for the festival, the entire ordeal could have been prevented. Instead, he spent the three days before the festival arguing with the Carnival Committee construction workers and the Clock Town Royal Guard over what to do with the city's residents. Much rioting ensued, and then, mere weeks after their land had been saved, Mayor Dotour and his wife, Madame Aroma, were both found dead, their bodies hung from the Clock Tower, having presumably been murdered by an angry citizen. Their killer was never found.

The deaths of the land's de facto rulers shook Termina to the very core. Coming to their senses, the people of Clock Town realized what fools they had been. No single person could be blamed for the reawakening of Majora, and pinning the blame onto others would do nothing but cause another catastrophe.

The people were desperate for a new leader that would show them the way towards a peaceful, prosperous future, where horrid events such as these would never occur again. A heated election began immediately.

From the beginning, the choice of their new leader seemed obvious: the mayor's son, Kafei Dotour. In spite of his grievance over his parents' deaths, his then-ongoing honeymoon with his newly-wedded wife Anju, and having just returned to his former self after being de-aged by the Skull Kid, the young man was very determined and very likely to take his father's place as mayor, and had a very concise idea as to how to prepare the land for the future.

However, shortly after the young man announced his candidacy, a new face arrived in Clock Town. It was a young man around Kafei's age, who claimed to have traveled to Clock Town from the long-deserted eastern canyons.

His name was Selim du Ikana.

Claiming to be a descendant of the long-dead Igos du Ikana, ruler of the kingdom that once ruled over all of Termina and beyond, the young man challenged the former mayor's son. At first, this bizarre newcomer was shunned and seen as a rebel jealous of Clock Town's power. However, upon being given a chance to at least state his reasons for entering the election, the stranger offered a surprising explanation.

According to his words, the land of Ikana Canyon was haunted not only by the ghosts of the former Ikana civilization, but also by a strange being. A being that has been watching Termina since the arrival of their Masked Savior. A being responsible for Majora's reawakening. A being responsible for all strife in the land as of late.

He called this being "BEN."

The young man claimed that this "BEN" was a vengeful deity whom had arrived from another world, who was enraged by the Terminans' constant worship of the Four Giants instead of learning to create new ways of living for themselves. He also proposed the idea that the Masked Savior was none other than BEN himself, and the reawakening of Majora was nothing more than a method of making the Terminans come to their senses and expand their society's technology, infrastructure, power, and size. He considered the recent deaths of the mayor and his wife to be BEN's own doing, as a final clue to the citizens' next course of action and a perfect opportunity to elect someone such as this newcomer, someone in favor of improving Terminan society in said ways.

In order to prove his point, the young man brought with him a bizarre statue supposedly left behind by the hero within the Stone Tower Temple. Notably, this statue looked almost exactly like their hero.

Many citizens were thoroughly impressed and convinced by the young man's words, and the boy known as Selim du Ikana became a legitimate threat to Kafei Dotour's campaign.

The election wore on, and finally boiled down to both youths having exactly half of the vote to each of their names. In the end, only one more vote would decide the winner. Rumors state that the final vote was placed into the ballot box shortly before midnight on the election's deadline, by a mysterious man. The few that had seen him were convinced that it was the Happy Mask Salesman himself. However, they also claimed he looked a bit different than how they remembered, claiming he had an aura of eeriness about him.

The next morning, it was revealed that the winner by only one vote was the newcomer Selim du Ikana. That day would be marked as a turning point in Terminian society.

Over the course of five years, the new de facto ruler of all the land single-handedly brought an industrial revolution to Termina. Under the guidance of their new mayor's Ikanan engineering skills, many technological marvels were thought up and invented in an incredibly short time, including, but not limited to: the automobile, the train, the gun, black-and-white television, and more. The Clock Town Royal Guard became the Royal Terminan Armed Forces, with divisions for each and every region of the land. And lastly, the city known as Clock Town became New Clock City. There was even an attempted trip to the moon through the use of a space shuttle powered by bombs. (Granted, it did not end well. The pilots of the ship never returned after landing on the moon, but the ship was found floating within Great Bay, completely empty and with no damage. Inside, pictographs were discovered, showing the moon's surface, with the craters aligned in such a way that it was obvious that a face had been there.)
During all of this, the Terminan people still did not exactly find out just who- and what- this "BEN" was. Unbeknownst to them, BEN was nothing more than a simple boy, cursed to wander the land of Termina after being sealed within a bizarre gray object linking the kingdom's universe to another. Seeking only to escape this world and rest in peace, the Terminans whom only have a slight grasp on who he is do not want him to leave...and neither does a certain group hiding within the moon, plotting their next attack on the land of Termina...


As said before, Termina's a whole different place this time around, for better and for worse. I've changed up pretty much every area, I think. Basically, the level of technology is probably similar to late nineteenth-early twentieth centuries, except for, of course, magic being a common sight. (Basically, the level of tech in Fullmetal Alchemist.) Also, to clarify, Termina's a bit bigger here than in MM. Picture about the size of Twilight Princess's Hyrule.

New Clock City: The city formerly known as Clock Town is now by far the most advanced settlement in the land. The city now encompasses the entirety of Termina Field and is slowly bleeding into the other regions of the land, much to the annoyance of the many other races. The city now has its own roads, rail lines, many new businesses, and tons of sites to see. (Again, pretty much like Central City from FMA.) Popular attractions include the Clock Tower, the Stock Pot Hotel, the GormanWorld Amusement Park, the Astral Observatory, the Milk Bar, and the Termina Tower, the workplace of Mr. du Ikana himself. True to its name, New Clock City features many pieces of advanced machinery, almost all running on clockwork.

Romani Ranch: Home to Termina's largest milk-producing corporation, Romani Ranch also serves as a popular destination for the people of Termina and beyond. Affectionately called "milk country" by the locals, the ranch features a bed-and-breakfast, a large milk production factory, and an actual ranch all in one.

Southern Swamp: A region controlled by the Deku race, this swamp serves as another popular tourist destination for Terminans, despite being a swamp. Boasts a large potion factory run by two magic hags, and the ever-popular Swamp Boat Cruise. Much to the annoyance of the Dekus, however, the Swamp is home to New Clock City's water treatment plant, making their water seem a lot like it did during the Moon incident.

Snowhead: The mountainous region where the Gorons call home, Snowhead features the top weapon production factory in the land, run by two shady blacksmiths. The Gorons have also opened their Race Track to appease the increasing tourism rates, allowing many different races to compete for prizes.

Great Bay: Despite being governed by the Zoras, Great Bay has been almost completely overrun by the ever-growing New Clock City. The region's attractions include the Marine Research Laboratory, Zora Hall, the Pirates' Fortress, and closer to shore, the famed Statue of Emptiness, a large copper statue looking out over the bay in the shape of what BEN is said to look like. Further across the bay is the Big Fin, the headquarters of the Royal Terminan Armed Forces, named so because of its shark-fin shape, built out of an old temple hidden below the waves. This region is was also once home to the famous rock band The Indigo-Gos, before they broke up after their guitarist went missing. Rumor has it they may be planning a comeback...

Ikana Canyon: Despite the globalization of the rest of Termina, Ikana Canyon is oddly similar to how it's always been. The region is quite popular due to being the home of the current mayor, but most citizens seem to be bizarrely afraid of this area. Ever since the election, this region has been experiencing a bevy of supernatural activity, according to rumor. The weather has been known to be quite eerie as of late, with clouds, light rain, and distant lightning being the norm. The region's highest point, Stone Tower Temple, is particularly feared. Some claim this region is frequented by a bizarre, moon-worshipping cult...


You may enter up to five characters at once per person. It's been decided that I will be using BEN, Deku will be using Jadusable, and Derpiny will be using the Father. I'll enter my characters as soon as I figure out how to sort in everybody else's. Personally, I reccomend you make at least one of your characters a self-insert, but feel free to enter whomever you choose. With that said, he's the required info for entry.

Name: (Your name, duh!)
Age: (Also duh.)
Appearance: (Also also duh.)
Moral Standing: (Do you wanna save the world? Rule it? Watch it burn? Or do you not give a dern? DO TELL!)
Backstory/Personality: (Who are ya and where ya comin' from?)
Strengths: (List your character's abilities, powers, achievements, and such here.)
Weaknesses: (We've all got 'em! List at least a few please!)

Questions? Comments? Ask away! I may edit this later if more info is needed blah blah you know.

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Triforce Re: Drowned Moon Rising Registration

Post by Deku Link on Sat Oct 12, 2013 2:15 am

Name: "Jadusable"
Appearance: Click here.
Age: 23
Moral Standing: He would fight to save the world around him. That was his objective in the 

first place.
Backstory/Personality: Since 2010, Jadusable has had memory issues. It's said that the 

events caused by BEN made Jad's memory repress. Despite this amnesia-like issue, he is 

dorky and generally an over-all kind person. However, when angered, his temper is explosive 

and he becomes dangerous. This is another effect of BEN.
Strengths: He's an awesome leader when he's not blindly raging. He's also a good problem 

Weaknesses: His anger will cause him to make irrational decisions.

Name: DJ
Appearance: Click here
Age: 17
Moral Standing: She wants to save the world.
Backstory/Personality: DJ is shy and quiet when she isn't fired up and passionate about 

things. She tends to be easily stressed and easily un-motivated when things go wrong. She 

tends to suggest issues but never really attempts to make the rest of the group try her ideas.
Strengths: DJ knows she has flaws and is at least willing to fix it. She's also pretty book smart.
Weaknesses: She's not street smart ad she's quick to quit things.

The avatar is a render by ZeFlyingMuppet.
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Triforce Re: Drowned Moon Rising Registration

Post by Black-Wolf on Sat Oct 12, 2013 10:59 pm

Name: Robert
Appearance: https://2img.net/h/i1205.photobucket.com/albums/bb427/Sheikahwolf/ChibiRobert_zps01f2fc17.png
Age: 17
Moral Standing: Good
Backstory/Personality:  Lives in Naklon City.  He and his friends aid the police when they go after evil demons. He is calm, collected, serious, and gets easily irritated. He always has the "Meh, eff the world" attitude. But he still can have fun when he feels like it. If his friends are in danger, he'll do anything to protect them.
Strengths: Is well educated.  Can speak seven different languages.  Is skilled in fencing and martial arts.
Weaknesses: His brother and his close friends.  He can’t stand the thought of losing them so he’ll risk his own life to save them.  And the eye covered by his hair.  It has a curse mark on it.  If it gets hit Robert will feel the blinding pain throughout his body.
Name: Jim
Appearance:  https://2img.net/h/i1205.photobucket.com/albums/bb427/Sheikahwolf/Tektek%20Avatars/Jim-1.png

Age: 16
Moral Standing: Good
Backstory/Personality: Lives in Naklon City with his brother.  Loves fighting the forces of evil.  He loves to go off on dangerous adventures and drags Robert with him.  He’s not really smart, is hyper, and quirky, and loves to be destructive.
Strengths: He has an affinity in making explosives.
Weaknesses: His stupidity gets him into a lot of trouble.
Name: Klao
Age: 17
Appearance:  https://2img.net/h/i1205.photobucket.com/albums/bb427/Sheikahwolf/Tektek%20Avatars/Klao_zps8db4953f.png
Backstory/Personality:  She also comes from Naklon City and is in Robert’s group that fights evil demons.  Her mother was human and her father was an elf.  At the age of three Klao’s dad passed away from an illness.  She is kind-hearted, a bit of a space-cadet, and quiet.  Also has a good sense of humor.
Strengths: She’s a strong sorceress with a vast knowledge of magic spells
Weaknesses: Being spacy
Name: Kat
Age: 19
Appearance:  https://2img.net/h/i1205.photobucket.com/albums/bb427/Sheikahwolf/Kat_zpsb0f6d535.png

Moral Standing: Good
Backstory/Personality: Is usually quiet and shy.  But when comfortable she opens up.  When angered, you’d better watch out.  Also has ADD.
Strengths: Can turn into a large wolf at will
Weaknesses: The ADD
Mario has let me use Mina and Sprite since Sprite is attached to Mina’s soul.
Name: Mina
Age: 15
Appearance: https://2img.net/h/i1205.photobucket.com/albums/bb427/Sheikahwolf/ChibiMina_zps0d642b30.png
Moral Standing: Good
Backstory/Personality: Is an orphan.  Home town is dreary and famous for its ghost legends.  When she was 3 years old her soul merged with the soul of a spirit, Sprite.  Thus making her a Spirit Tamer.  She loves candy.  Tends to keep certain things to herself but is always curious when something new pops up. Sometimes her behavior is a little off.  She also has the ability to see ghosts and other people’s souls.
Strengths: Able to communicate with the dead.  Spiritual powers.
Weaknesses: She is very afraid of spiders and heights.  If Sprite gets hurt, Mina gets hurt.

Name: Sprite
Age: 15
Appearance: https://2img.net/h/i1205.photobucket.com/albums/bb427/Sheikahwolf/Sprite_zps3dd76538.png
Moral Standing: Good
Backstory/Personality: She is very mischievous and likes to scare people.  She is also very friendly and likes to lick people’s faces so that they’re covered in her sticky spit.
Strengths: Her sharp claws are handy in cutting a person free from rope or net.  They also come in handy at slicing cake or pizza :3
Weaknesses: When Mina gets hurt, Sprite gets hurt.
Size comparison:

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Triforce Re: Drowned Moon Rising Registration

Post by hotboxinit on Sat Oct 12, 2013 11:24 pm

Name: Derpiny
Age: 22
Backstory/Personality: You should know me by now.
Strengths: Can get fired up about shit she's passionate about, good at moral support and can cheer people up. Kind of good with rapier sord.
Weaknesses: Easily stressed out and overwhelmed. Can pick up on emotions from others. Can be a little gullible and too sympathetic even to the wrong people.

Name: The Father
Age: Exact age is unknown but he looks middle aged or something.
Moral Standing: He would rather watch the world burn.
Backstory/Personality: The father of BEN, he is the leader of the Moon Children cult, thus his title "The Father". Creating the Moon Children cult in 1998, he drowned BEN in 2002 so that he would ascend and become "perfect", essentially having the highest honor of prophet in the cult. Of course that ritual was a failure. He knows what he is doing and does not care that it’s wrong at all. He is very manipulative, creating "Luna" as a false goddess for his cult in order to help lure in b*Navi*h for the cult. He will do whatever it takes to get what he wants to reach his goal, including sapping someone of their free will to do so. No one knows who he is, where he is, or if he is even still alive in the real world. 
Strengths: Great intelligence, manipulative, is immortal with an insanely quick healing factor, making all types of attack against him useless. He is able to manipulate the world of Termina even more so than BEN himself. He also has the Moon Mask, an item when placed on a person's face, would drain them of their free will/willpower/consciousness/whatever you want to call it and allow him to use them as a puppet. The persons' consciousness is stored in a flask on his bag. His looming presence is also enough to send shivers down one's spine.
Weaknesses: The way to combat the Moon Mask's effect is to know the truth, aka know that BEN was killed against his will by the Father and that there is no Luna. Though they would still become unconscious while the mask is used on them, the Father would be unable to control them and they would wake up after several hours. He is also very distressed over what happened to BEN's mother. Although it is unknown to people, he reacts when she or the incident involving her is mentioned to him in any way, reacting in ways varying from sadness to anger. Even being numb to the point of not being able to react anymore. But be warned: As this is a weakness, it also holds punishment; If he is bombarded with it for too long, he WILL snap. And that's not pretty for the perpetrator.

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Triforce Re: Drowned Moon Rising Registration

Post by Darksanctuarymawile on Tue Oct 15, 2013 1:02 pm

Name: Nayka Voltaire Stewart aka Volts

Age: 18

Race: Glitch/ human

Morals: She has a kind and caring nature, and wants to protect people.

History: She grew up in a tundra, alone except for the occasional visitor. She then was tricked into serving a group whose hidden goal was to destroy the universe. She was shown the truth by a friend and now is a member of a resistance group.

Strengths: She will fight to protect her loved ones, even to the death. She's quick to see other people's point of view, though not gullible, and she's kindhearted. She wields twin pistols that look suspiciously like Nintendo Zappers.

Weaknesses: She is headstrong and quick to action, even when the action may be unwise. She can be swayed in her opinions if someone can get her to pity or feel sad for them. If the hat on her head is taken off, she hides and most likely will start crying, because the top of her head is severely glitched and the distortion runs down the left side of her face unless she has her hat on. With her hat off, it's easier for someone with computer skills to hack into her code and hurt her that way.

Appearance: Blonde hair and blue eyes. Wears a deer hoodie on her head; the ears's position matches her mood due to the effects of the glitchiness on her head. She wears a brown jacket and a black shirt, and wears a piece of jewelry that someone special gave her. She wears tattered jeans and winter boots.

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Character Name: Azrael (Evi)
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Race: Other??? Other???

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Triforce Re: Drowned Moon Rising Registration

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