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Academy of the Forsaken

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Academy of the Forsaken

Post by Nova on Sun Aug 25, 2013 1:57 pm

Once upon a time on the large continent that was the world a full scale war erupted between two races that couldn't set aside their differences and accept one another. The war was filled with hate, prejudice, and malice. No one truly knows what lit the crimson flames of war. Troubadours tell many different tunes, but one thing always remains the same; A dragon that embodied despair and evil and it's power grew as the malice between the two races fanned the fires of conflict. The malice built over over the weeks and months of the conflict and let loose the foul being from his prison deep underground in the lava lakes of the underworld. The seal that once held it broke into pieces before the dragon's mighty claws as it's roars shook the planet from the core.

The gods, sensing the escape of the forsaken dragon, rallied troops as the mortals were about to be washed away in a sea of cursed flames. Among the army of the gods were seven beings who worked directly under the gods' rule.These seven beings led the charge to intercept the forsaken dragon and lock it away into the fires of the planet's core once more. Then, in the middle of a Warfield, the gods' army and the evil dragon reveled themselves in the middle of a battle between the two races and a battle full of death and screams of the dying. The battle raged on for twelve days straight and the three armies both suffered catastrophic casualties while the dark dragon began to show signs of fatigue. With their army decimated and the mortals in shambles, the seven dragons knew that under the current pressure, they would be unable to over power their adversary. They had to act fast when the gods themselves stepped in carrying an empty painting frame. Then, one of the dragons made its move to try and seal the dark dragon away once more, and with the aid of the other six, they had succeeded at the cost of millions of lives consisting of the guilty and innocent alike. However, each of the dragons was left with their power depleted and the broke the painting into seven shards and each dragon flew to a different part of the world with their shard to slumber until their power was restored.

Decades past and turned into millenniums as the embers from the faithful battle faded from the world and each race lived in unison until another war broke out, but with the forsaken dragon's power slashed seven-fold, there was no way for it to strike again, or so the gods thought. The conflicts gave birth to five disciples of the dark dragon, whom waited eagerly to be freed and seek revenge on the gods. The gods ignored the five disciples thinking them no threat as each of the seven dragons hid themselves in seven long forgotten temples now protected by their worshipers.

However, one dragon awoke early with only a fraction of his power restored no less. He knew of these disciples and that, if given the opportunity, knew that they would resurrect the evil within the painting. He could feel the pure evil within his shard pulsing as if calling out to the other shards. Knowing its power was no match if all five of these disciples were to attack, the dragon called upon his worshipers to build an academy to train new warriors to combat the newly rooted evil.

The main hub is in the domain of the dragon of Justice whom is known as the High Judge, Jury, and Executioner. It is a large temple that has been turned into a massive academy where youth train to ward off evil and fight under the High Judge to pass down his sentence to the forsaken dragon's disciples.

Character Template:

Class: (You know like archer, swordsman, etc. If it off the general, then please be more descriptive)
Weapon of choice/preference:

Special abilities(if applicable) :



And then feel free to add any other details you'd like.  I'll add in the plot important characters in a separate post to keep things organized.


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