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Zelda Dungons of Love

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Zelda Dungons of Love

Post by MenrowSpirit on Sun Nov 25, 2012 6:03 pm

Of All the Zelda games you've played. What are your favorite dungeons in them? We were talking about it in the chat and I was like HEY Site activity! XD

Lttp: Dark World's Lost Woods Temple cause it makes me rage so frucking much XD
Oot: I don't really have one in Oot but in the Master Quest version, I think the Bottom of the Well is my favorite there
MM: Stone Tower Temple, easily XD
WW: Forbidden Forest. Love the evil viens and boomeranging shit XD
TP: This is hardest caues they're is like 3 I really really like, but I'm gonna go with Temple of Time cause I love smashing shit with giant hammer statues and sometimes smashing Link by accident XD
4SA-I actually really like Kakariko Village the best, it's not a dungeon but it does count as a level XD

I don't like any of them in LOZ because they are all aggravating, screw you! XDD. As for the like 1 or 2 other Zelda's I've beaten, I don't remember the levels that well really so I can't give an answer.

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