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My Shot in The Sandbox

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My Shot in The Sandbox

Post by Nova on Wed May 16, 2012 7:28 pm

With my failure to legitimately finish an rp I start, I just stopped with bothering with making one to stop wasting people's time, but with a, hopefully, solid idea that's, sadly, a little bit of a reoccurring thing on HF.

Like TP's Toriko RP, and 64's Grand Sea, I decided to give a less stiff plot a shot, granted my haunted house remake was a total failure of a sad attempt at that. I had an idea that's a little easier to manage, at least sounds easier to manage, than that sad attempt of an RP.

But since I'm apparently a decent writer, I decided to give the free plot with some structure another shot by combining my writing skills, and the many possibilities participants could throw into the pot to craft something enjoyable to both be in, and to just read.

My idea is based around a war between two countries:

Dagda, a country ruled under a council of powerful sorcerers who rule the country with fair, and just decisions. The country is held in regard by the countries around it for its advances in magic. It's a peaceful country that strives to preserve peace and having only a small army for it's own defense. The country is forced into a war for unknown reasons by the Agronian Empire, and uses it's magical advances to support it's small army.

Agrona is the largest country, and a mighty empire. it started out in a small country that fell to a revolt and became an imperialistic nation to become the empire it has formed today. While larger countries hold their suspicions that it may become imperialistic once more despite a long line of peaceful rulers, they're suspicions prove true as they strike the small nation of Dagda with most of their force using the reason that the nation is plotting to expand it's borders. Many nations have sided with Dagda due to it's history of helping other nations, even if they're nation was on the verge of collapse.

With the entire continent engulfed into the flames of war, Agrona is fought at every border, but the empire's might prevents any lines of their foes from entering far into their borders while they edge at the border of Dagda to lay siege to it, but over time, the mighty empire has slowly worked it's way into the other nations that were trying to invade it's own borders. With Dagda's army beginning to crumble, the ruling group of sorcerers put their magical abilities to the test to create a being to fight back the empire's army with the remnants of it's army, but after a while, even that being could not keep them back, and began to have to fall back.

The sorcerers fled their country to the safe haven of it's allies. One remained with his son to defend the country. As a last ditch effort, the two decided to call upon other worldly help though their arts of summoning, and with the aid of other sorcerers from the royal guard, they succeeded in their efforts and now beg for their assistance.

The plot is very simple, and very flexible:
With the other worldly forces that were summoned to their world, they plead for their assistance in their crisis. However, some may have a heart of evil and side against them, and ally themselves with the empire.

The other worldly forces, along with the being created in magic, are the ones that control the flow of the war. They can spell the victory for the small nation, or the defeat.

So, I would ask you to submit your answer in the poll, and any constructive criticism is highly appreciated


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