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I need help with a character.

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I need help with a character. Empty I need help with a character.

As a few of you know, I created my own character a few months back. I have everything about the guy set up: His outfit, his personality/attitude/demeanor, his skills, his abilities, everything. But one thing. One. And it is killing me. The one thing that is preventing me from using him.

I can't think of a name for him. I need help with a character. 909427446

But that's where YOU come in. Hopefully.

I'm gonna give you guys a picture of him and some characteristics/traits and his back story and let you guys come up with a name for him.

First, what he looks like.

I need help with a character. 2nroejb

Drawn by MS. :3

Now here are some of his characteristics.

He's very quiet, and doesn't talk a lot, unless he's spoken to or wants to speak.

He withdraws within himself a lot, whether he just be sitting quietly and staring into space, or lost in thought.

He's very analytical, and questions things a lot.

He occasionally thinks about his past: where he came from, what he remembers of it. Although he doesn't remember a lot, he knows something bad happened that caused him to forget. Whatever it was, he doesn't wanna find out.

He can be very short tempered, but only when provoked.

He doesn't not smile. Even though he sounds and looks depressed, he can be an upbeat and happy guy on rare occasions.

His Back Story:

He comes from a post-apocalyptic setting, sort of a Fallout/Book of Eli kinda deal. It used to be a plainly functioning city, but a disaster struck the earth, causing a massive sand storm to wipe out the entire city, and presumably the world, turning it into a barren desert. But somehow, he survived.

He woke in the middle of this desert in the scorching heat, with nothing but pants and a t-shirt that were incredibly worn and tattered and seemingly didn't fit him. He got up and started walking, and while he trudged around in the hot sand he tripped on something. He dug it out of the sand with his hands. What he tripped over was a large, bronze-colored sword with intricate markings. He decides to keep it with him. While walking further, he notices the sand start to get deeper. Than he can't walk any farther and continues sinking until he's up to his neck. He struggles to move, but his arms and legs are trapped. The hand that clutches the sword is starting to feel something weird...


In short, he discovers that the sword can transform into multiple weapons at his command. It can also teach him through transforming, showing him how to use the weapon it becomes.

The Sword:
It is a highly advanced piece of weapon technology. It is made up of microscopic particles of metal (many different kinds to ensure durability in different forms) that can shift and change into an infinite amount of weapons and tools, but only at his command. It is indestructible, can be lightweight or heavy depending on its form, and portable.

Fighting/Hand-to-hand combat skills
Trained in the use of multiple weapons (the sword helps)
Runs fast, very agile and quick

Okay, now that I've said all that, I enlist the help of you all. Now, before you pull a baby name book out of your ass and throw it at your monitor, I have a few preferences you need to follow.

1. The name you come up with has to be timeless, aka it could work in ANY time period from the year 1100 AD - Our time.

2. No "Hipster" names, aka names that are really popular nowadays.

3. It has to be an American name. No foreign words that mean something.

4. No commonly used unisex names.

5. No weird re-spellings.

Okay, hopefully, that'll be enough. And if you come up with something that breaks a rule, but it's still good, post it here. If I like it enough, I'll consider it. Anyway, I can't wait to read what you guys come up with!

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I need help with a character. :: Comments


Post on Mon May 14, 2012 4:45 pm by MenrowSpirit

William Wolf, Jake Fin, Troy, Shawn, Xavier (This could be a last name too), Alex, Fox (could be first or last name), Rex

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Post on Mon May 14, 2012 4:50 pm by Guest

MenrowSpirit wrote:William Wolf, Jake Fin, Troy, Shawn, Xavier (This could be a last name too), Alex, Fox (could be first or last name), Rex

I like those. And he actually doesn't have a last name. I forgot to include that. XD

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Post on Wed May 16, 2012 3:50 pm by MenrowSpirit

Ah, well, I hope they help, or atleast give you some idea XD

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Post on Wed May 16, 2012 4:52 pm by Guest

I actually like Alex. Although, I also would REALLY love to use the name "Chris", but we ALL know why I can't use that one. -_-

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