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Capitalization Empty Capitalization

Post by MidnasWolf on Tue Apr 24, 2012 12:15 am

So my dear friend and I were debating the usage of capitalizing on the internet.

She said that by using all lower caps, you give the internet a "carefree" sense.
I say that you just look stupid.
She disagreed and said that I was just being sticky.
I told her that I could get actual proof.
She-- thinking back to the apple sauce incident --dared me to ask you guys.

So, my dear peeps, what do you guys think?
Post ninja!
Post ninja!

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Capitalization Empty Re: Capitalization

Post by Mario on Tue Apr 24, 2012 4:31 pm

Depending on how a person types on the Internet, it's possible to guess their personality. Let's examine the same phrase written in different forms.

I love the Internet! = Intelligent, polite. Example: Twilight Sparkle

i love the internet = Carefree, lazy. Example: Rainbow Dash

1 L0v3z T3h 1Nt4rW3bz!!!!111oneeleven = Fun-loving, insane. Example: Pinkie Pie

I do believe the internet is simply wonderful! = Stuck-up, conceited. Example: Rarity (sometimes)

I luv th web! = Dim-witted, goofy. Example: Applejack (sometimes)

I think I like the internet, if that's okay with you, I mean... = Shy, quiet. Example: Fluttershy

I hate the internet, it's for Nazi cheerleader conformists. = Emo, whiny baby. Example: What Twi was probably like before she moved to Ponyville.

lulz intarwebz iz 4 fagz = Troll, *Ganondorf*. Example: Parasprites.

I love the internet! You can stalk people! = Just plain creepy. Example: Pinkamena Diane Pie

Sorry for using ponies as examples, I couldn't think of anything better. I can't get out of my brony mood lately. Even though I love my homegirl Dashie, I act most like Twi offline. Other people, like Derpiny, type in different ways in different places, for example, she types like Twilight in a forum thread, but a little like Pinkie in the chat box, since it's harder to keep up with posts there.

As you can see, the only stupid people online are trolls. At least emos have their reasons.

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