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My Character

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My Character

Post by Royoto on Sat Nov 26, 2011 10:41 pm

Name: Royoto
Gender: Male
Element: Water
Age: 14
IQ/Intelligence: 115
Race: Hylian
Species: Hylian
Hight: 6'
Weight: 120 lbs.
Date of birth: October 20, 1997
Residence: Risembool
Title: Dark Alchemist
Weakness: Kittens
Instrument: Piano / keyboard

Stats: (I don't know how to set up the stats, do I just make these up?)

The child of poor parents, Royoto was put into the care of Hyrule's most skilled swordsman at a very young age. From him, he learned the art of the sword and sword craft. He even learned to make his own sword and created his sword Tenebrae destructor which he imbued with a powerful magic. He is the only known sword smith that has ever been able to make a sword out of the gemstone Onyx that is strong enough to withstand the full force of any other sword without so much as a scratch.

Now a rich man from his sword as a mercenary and sword smith, he searches for his lost parents in hopes to bring their family together again and for them to live comfortably from then on.

Weapons: A black hand-and-a-half sword made of onyx that glows blue faintly from the magic within it.


Appearance: Tall with black hair. Slightly muscular but not much. Normally wears all black and dark blue. Never seen without his sword. Deep blue eyes.

Personality: Dark when not known, but cheery and likable once you get to know him.

Messages : 137
Rupees (₨) 252849
Heart Pieces 6
Date of Birth : 1997-10-20
Date of Entry : 2011-11-23
Age : 20
Residence : Shibuya, Japan

Character Name: Royoto
Health Health:
100/100  (100/100)
Race: Hylian Hylian

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