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~Review of White Knight Chronicles II - first story / White Knight Chronicles Remake ~

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~Review of White Knight Chronicles II - first story / White Knight Chronicles Remake ~

Post by Guest on Mon Oct 10, 2011 12:12 am

~White Knight Chronicles II ~First story / White Knight Chronicles Remake ~

First of all you make your avatar ( character that you make), My Avatar was me, in other words,no expression, well sorta. I eventually added glasses mid way in, he looked serious. Over all your avatar is very minor to the story but not for online play. For online play, he is the only character you are controlling, so build your characters skills wisely. Moving on.

After creating your avatar, you are introduced to a few bad guys such as the Black Knight, and a mysterious short man. After that little section you get to see the Princess of Balendor, or Cisna. You are then thrown into the prospective of Leonard who works at Rapattchi's Wine. You are just hired as a recruit. However Your character talks briefly as you are sent to go to Parma to get the wine for the Royal ball for the night since it is Cisna's birthday.

Upon getting the wine in Parma, you meet a young Girl named Yulie who has secret feelings for Lenard over the course of the story, after they delivered the Wine, Leonard snuck into the castle along with the party as the circus performs that arrived beforehand was actually the mysterious short man.

Another older man named Eldore entered the room to ensure the "prophecy" he speaks of is true. However Upon the king's assassination in front of beloved Cisna. She speaks her first word in Ten years.

Upon Leonard taking Cisna and attempting to escape, Leonard discovers a massive suit of Armor, he touches the Ark of the knight Armor which was small compared to the knight. After doing a trial, he is bound to the knight, known as the white knight.

He then activates the knight as he fought off the invaders. They are known as Magi which are later referred to as Yisrenian's.

Now Character development.

Leonard is a free spirited man who is determined to do what is necessary to save the kidnaped Princess.

Yulie , she is the smart , possessive attitude girl which a bright personality, She has a crush on Leonard as shown due to reaction and events in the story.

Eldore is a wise man from the Dogma war which was 10.000 years before hand and cheated death due to the forbidden time magic. His agenda was to insure that the knights do not fall to Ysrenia.

Kara, a mysterious young girl who was originally hired to kill Leonard , after a encounter and misunderstanding. She offers to help Leonard and his party as long as they were to avenge her sister.

Caesar , the prince of Greed (which is a city), has a strong bright passion for dragons as well as a bright personality who is later reviled as the Dragon Knight. ~

Now for the Bad guys.

Grazel , he is the Leader of the Magi, he is very confident of his plans, and to unite the knights for his own war in which to rule the world.

Belcitaine, a mysterious over confident short sadistic old man, he is not very bright but he was a good villain none the less.

Dragius, the Black Knight of the Magi and Yisrenia, he is a very known threat to most of everyone who opposes him.

Ladom, the priest of Yisrenia from the Dogma war, his goal is to help resurrect and rebuild Yesrenia.

last but not least, Sahpur, he is the most observant as Grazel's right hand man, and will do anything for Grazel without question.

Now Combat, very fluid and flexible, very fun, and has a unique un-boreing challenge. Magic is amazing to watch, combos that are made are simply amazing if crafted right. Very well defined set of weakness and strengths for enemy types, which adds more interesting challenge as well as a stun and break system. All of this works very nice together.


Only complaint, if you have a guest in your party and they fall in battle, you have a instant game over.

~ The Graphics are Superb , I have never seen a bad set of graphics in any Level 5 game,
The visuals are defiantly the most sensational and appealing aspects of the game, you could simply see they took time and effort to craft a game of absolute beauty. The designs are not over used as they are appealing, however looking at it makes me think of Zelda meeting Lord of the Rings and Elder Scrolls.

The battle is easy to use, real time and in dept. There are even tutorials for new comers. The online for the first story has up to 4 players. Many and various quest with multiple approaches to keep your wits about.
A intraquite weight system that effects and makes combat more interesting with good and bad results , in other words the Burden System, this effects your speed and mobility for the battle depending on armor and weapon weight, it is all balanced out.

Characters are very interesting and easy to get attached to and easily memorable.

The localization was fantastic for a American cast in any JRPG.

The score is simply off the charts for most's expectations.

Nothing feels cliched and always feels fresh and renewing.

The Game play and feel to this fantastic well crafted treasure of a game is simply astonishing.

Well written story with interesting drama as well as humor.

It is easly a game to get lost in for hours as you explore interesting areas.

Simply a game not to forget easily and will simply be a shining master piece.

Well designed outfits as well as a nice amine look and feel with realistic almost looks at times with amazing CGI.

Unrealisicly amazing HD graphics.

Reception. 10 out of 10.

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