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Timeline theory

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Timeline theory Empty Timeline theory

Post by linkers on Sat Sep 17, 2011 10:49 am

Alright. first of I'm not done with my timeline cause for some reason zelda wiki won't open on my computer, so Im just going to make some points.Oh this is just a theory and stuff.
so first off, MINISH CAP DOESNT COME FIRST!!!!! heres why, you know how people say the dont know about the triforce because they have the light force. well they know about the triforce becouse it appears on the sheild and many other places. people also say its because its when link gets his hats which is bull spit. another big reason is that there are three different hylian languages. the minish cap uses the same as ww,ph,st,fs,fsa.
now for thing about the split time line. now why this works is because well if you watch peoples videos about why the split timeline doesnt work, well there wrong. so at the end of oot, zelda sends back link into the child timeline, so right now, zelda screws up time and makes two universes. so zelda gets gets all the triforce peices and makes a wish a repairs hyrule.
I'll explain all else later. I'm not going to use zeldapedia either, i dont trust them, just cause.

here it is
skyward sword OoT
MM LttP Oricle games LA orig AoL

I'll explain it later but I don't want right now

some more big reasons are that 4 swords and 4 swords adventures come right after minish cap. in 4 swords adventures, ganon is there. before oot ganondorf is born as a geurdo king i think because he is the only boy.
Then he goes to hyrule and is like a royal adviser or something.He is not known as an evil bad guy. but in 4 swords adventures, ganon is known by some bad guy deku in one of the levels.
another reason is that when link in oot is a baby, there is like a big civil war going on. then the king of hylians unites all the races. in minish cap, hyrule is already established, and has been for hundreds of years. so then how would minish cap come first. it can't. also people say there are no gorons and zoras. but there are gorons. I think minish comes after spirit tracks because there are no zoras either. now the land scape is different hundreds of years ago. or its because the land that your on in spirit tracks was destroyed. in the hero of men story, it says that they are on the verge of being swallowed by shadow. i believe the demon king escapes and destroyes the tower of spirits and changes the land in spirit tracks to the minish cap. also notice that there are less gorons in minish cap than spirit tracks.

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