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My new Character, Otto!

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My new Character, Otto!

Post by Akkiden Mikuo on Thu Jul 28, 2011 3:48 pm

Name: Otto Mehtic

Age: unknown (Could be 17-18)

Occupation: Alchemist, Mechanic, Soilder.

Birthplace: Paris, France

Secret shame: shy and secretly a cry-baby

Info: Born in a small family, Otto lived a happy life, until his mother dies of an unknown cause, and his father is off who-knows-where, and only left with his younger step-brother, Mag nyehtic, and for the fact that both have no money, they live off the land, until Mag decided that both of them join the military, but Otto was more into machinery and Alchemy, and was delighted to know there was a unit for people like him.

Personal Bio: Rather Naive, stubborn, or sometimes downright coldhearted, Otto is a force to be rekoned with, for he uses guns, tools, or just anything that be made into a weapon, rather keep from being happy sometimes, but he just can't hold it back at times. Intellgent, and more of a selfkept person, but would work with a team if he has to, but rather go solo at times, and this behavior could get him killed one day.

Appearance (Both Regular and Chibi)

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