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Skyward Theories

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When asked what I thought the next big Zelda game was going to be (and this has been since TP's release) I've always talked about the game retelling the Hyrulian Civil war. The conflict that started when all the people and races of Hyrule discovered the Sacred Realm and immediatly began battling for control over it.

It always bugged me how OOT was the first in the timeline, and yet the Master Sword was already legendary, Navi said so herself. It was already a key part of history.
It's obvious that the Master Sword was already once weilded by some hero, one who most likely protect the sages along side the Shiekah, and possibly the Gerudo, during the Civil war. Which they tried to end by sealing away the Sacred Realm and the Triforce altogether.

As such, it was my belief that the Sages had crafted the Master Sword, along side the 3 spiritual stones and the Ocarina of Time, all as ways to protect the Sacred Realm.
And that was my prediction for the next big Zelda game. The telling of the civil war, the sealing of the Sacred Realm, and the crafting of the Ocarine of Time and the Master Sword.

This belief was only further encouraged when I finally played TP, a game that spoke of the "Interlopers." A group, possibly Shiekah in origin though some claim Gerudo or a race from Termina, that successfully opened a hole, or found the actual entrance into the Sacred Realm. They found the Triforce and claimed it as their own. But they were almost immediatly expelled and sealed away into the world between worlds by the Light Spirits, a race of demi-god like entities created to protect Hyrule from darkness. A type of magic that the Interlopers had mastered.
But there were plenty of other people and races that used no such magic, only greed and sword, something the Light Spirits could do nothing against. Or it could be that after the Interlopers had made it in, all the others fighting for it simply killed each other before they had the chance to make it in. So even if the Light Spirits could have stopped them from taking the Triforce, they couldn't have stopped the senseless violence going on outside the Sacred Realm.
A war WAS started, and these Sages had to be instated, possibly by the Light Spirits, possibly by a self-conscience Triforce, or even possibly by the Goddess's themselves, as a group of people who could channel the Goddess's power and desires so as to better lead the Hyrulian people.
It seemed so unlikely that Sages would exist before the War, as the Sages pretty much exist to protect the Triforce, an item unknown to man until the Interlopers found it. And the thought of a Master Sword existing before that is just ridiculous! The Master Sword literally derives its power from the Sages. This was made quite clear in WW.
So come on, tell me. In what way could this theory possible be wrong!

Can you imagine my glee when I found out SS was going to be all about the crafting of the Master Sword. I firmly preached how SS was going to be about the civil War, and had a number of people believing me.
But in time it became quite clear, this game was taking place a LOT earlier than that!
What? How! That makes no sense! Why would the Master Sword exist before the first generation of Sages? How would people be in the sky?
None of it made sense! And for a while there, I had kind of lost faith in my ability to "Zelda Logic" my way out of plot theories. But after a little bit of thinking and researching, I think things are finally beginning to make sense again...

In TP, it was claimed that the Oocca were a race of highly evolved sky creatures created before the Hylians, possibly the first race of living creatures the goddess's ever made.
In the English version, there was a mistranslation that told us the Oocca had actually created the Hylian race. But the truth is, they had only crafted the land of Hyrule. They didn't "make" anything. Simply crafted what was already there. Kind of like how Groudon and Kyogre crafted the pokemon world despite it already having a set number of gods. Another mistranslation told us they created their sky city at the same time as the Hylian race, when in reality they created it after the Hylian race had settled down in Hyrule. So for a time, Oocca and Hylian co-existed in Hyrule.

So what does this tell us. Possibly that the "Zelda Earth" was created for the Hylians, with the Oocca being made first to craft the land of Hyrule for the soon to come Hylians, knowing they would be created someday. But isn't it a stretch to say that the goddess's would simply create the oocca for the purpose of creating a world befitting the Hylians. Having such a brilliant race be thrown to the side for the sake of another one.
Or maybe the Goddess's were just plain mean about it. They had created Zelda Earth for the Oocca, but maybe after the Oocca had learned to terraform it to their liking, the Goddess's had gotten bored and created the Hylian who forcefully began to take control over "hyrule" forcing the Oocca to build this city in the sky to live in. But that doesn't seem right, in early years the Oocca and the Royal Family had dealings, a Royal Family messenger could always reach them via the Dominion Rod. HELL! The Shiekah were trusted with Oocca tomes, meaning the Oocca had to at least have had freindly dealings with the Hylians up until the Civil war, the creation of Hyrule as a Kingdom country, and possibly even the fall of the Shiekah race during this war.

But then their is another theory... What if the Oocca had been created and given the land of Hyrule to do with as they pleased. But after this the Goddess's created the Hylian race somewhere else. A race that was less self-dependent and were a little more connected to the goddess's. Not to replace the Oocca, but simply another race living else where. Like the sky maybe. A little garden in the sky for this race to live on, happily detached from the Earth and the Oocca.

What happens during Skyward Sword is a mystery. But we can theorize that it starts out A. with a fresh Hylian race living among the clouds, possibly with the Goddess's having already left. In which case it can be assumed that the Sacred Realm has been hidden even from the Earthbound Oocca and that even the Gorons and Zoras are already existing somewhere in the world. And B. With the Oocca having just finished crafting Hyrule into the land they wanted it to be. Already filled with "servants" of the goddess's. Demi-gods like the Deku Tree, Jabu Jabu, and the odd whale like creature that swallowed up "Zelda" and took her down to "Hyrule" to avoid capture by the main villian.
Keep in mind, between Oshus and the Wind Fish, whales seem to be a common servant of the Goddess's, similar to trees.

What's intresting to note is that the chracter we currently understand to be the main villian "Ghirahim" appears to be something of a different breed of Hylian. It's safe to assume he is infact Hylian as he's the leader of the people of Skyloft. Refering to himself as Lord Ghirahim. And interestingly enough, Phi, the Skyward Sword that Link finds on his home of Skyloft, appears rather similar to the queen of faries in Windwaker. Which lets face it, between the Oocca, the Hylian, and even the Light spirits, it's never even been remotely eluded to when the Fairies were created!

We can also theorize that during Skyward Sword, some greater force (most likely the one granting Ghirahim his powers) is causing trouble for Hyrule (possibly even the Oocca) which would explain why there are Moblins there (although this now raises questions, just where do Moblins come from?) and why Zelda was dragged down to Hyrule, a place that according to our current knowledge, not even Ghirahim had visited often. This means that Zelda, Link, and even Ghirahim himself, are the first Hylians to visit Hyrule. It would only make sense that they meet Oocca, but not the other races we know and love. And yet I can almost promise you the Oocca will not appear despite chosing to build a city and live in the sky AFTER Hylians had colonized the ground world, and before the Hyrulian Civil War had broken out.

So what does all this mean? It means two things. A. That Skyward Sword blows my originaly "rock solid" Civilwar-Master Sword creation theory clear out of the water WHILE patching up a hole involving the Oocca that I hadn't even seen! And B. the Master Sword predates the land of Hyrule as we know it, and there for has a stronger connection to the "Legend" of Zelda more so than the Triforce, or Hyrule itself.

If there is one thing we KNOW this game is certain to answer, is that age old Zelda fan question of.....Why does the Hylian crest/Hylian Shiled have a bird on it?
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Demon Lord Ghirahim

Post on Mon Jul 04, 2011 12:33 pm by Demon Lord Ghirahim

From the sources I have, Ghirahim is the ruler of the land below, which will eventually be called Hyrule. Also, he referred to himself as "Demon Lord Ghirahim". Because of that, I think it's safe to assume that Ghirahim is not a Hylian, and is instead a Dark Interloper, trying to gain dominion over the Sacred Realm. While Zelda is not a princess in Skyward Sword, Ghirahim refers to her as "her holiness", so he knows something about her that not even the other Skyloftians know of, most likely.

Nobody in Skyloft knows about the land below because they think that living in the clouds is natural, along with riding on birds and the like. Anouma said this himself.

There has been no reference or allusion to a greater force behind Ghirahim, although, after TP, it's entirely possible that there IS, but Ghirahim said it himself that he was the one that summoned the tornado and took Zelda to Hyrule.

This has been known for some time now, but Phi is the Skyward Sword, which eventually becomes the Master Sword. In the first boss battle you have (which is conveniently against Ghirahim), Link doesn't have the Master Sword, so there's no clear telling when the Skyward Sword becomes the Master Sword, however I have a feeling it will become that way some time before the final fight with whoever the last boss is.

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