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Time Warp Your Life Through the Ages and Such

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Time Warp Your Life Through the Ages and Such

Post by T-kun on Wed May 25, 2011 1:20 am

Alright, I saw this on facebook and filled it out. I had a lotta fun with it, so I thought I'd share it on here and see if you guys wanted to do it as well. Might be a little too personal for some people, but whatever. Here it is.

AGE 5:
>in Kingergarten, I'm reading chapter books while the other kids are reading picture books with 5 words per page.
>I have short hair
>Talk WAY to much for a 5 year old.
>I'm awesome.

AGE 7:
>in second gradeish.
>still have short hair
>still talk WAY to much, except now it's in class and I get in trouble a lot.
>got my first gaming system, a game boy advance SP with Pokemon firered. Instantly hooked for life.
>know more about Harry Potter then most of the adult population of the US
>I'm awesome.

AGE 11:
>in 5th and 6th grade.
>still talk a considerable amount more than I should.
>epic years of my life with epic people.
>Am the largest vidya nerd I know, and have an unhealthy gaming obsession.
>Start to discover the interwebs.
>Start liking anime.
>finally start to grow hair out, become more attractive.
>Still unhealthy obsessed with Harry Potter. Not as much as in second grade through 4th grade where I worshipped it like a second religion.
>I'm (considerably more) awesome.

AGE 13:
>Ah 7th grade....
>Talk a smidgen less then back then
>Hair is officially at its regular length, causing myself to be extremely attractive.
>More so of a gaming nerd then before, much more educated in the ways of many a game.
>Very educated in the ways of the interwebs. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
>Still like anime, not as much as in the 6th grade.
>Still love me some of that Harry Potter business and am a walking Harry Potter trivia book.
>Joined Zelda Capital, met a whole lot of you guys this year. Twas epic.
>Epic year with epic people.
>Don't have a cell fone yet, this is angering to me.
>I'm (much more) awesome.

AGE 14:
>8th grade.
> mellowed out in the talking in class part, well... except 7th period. (sorry Ms. Garret, it's the end of the day and you put me next to Sean!)
>Hair is still attractive.
>Video games are still played very muchly, if not more so.
>Know more about the interwebs then I should ever know.
>Anime is not nearly as much liked save a few of my favorites.
>Really epic year with really really epic people. (yes that includes you guys, ♥ you all. Well Nova is more of a mild liking... sorry XD.)
>Still a walking Harry Potter reference book.
>Finally get myself a cell fone for 14th birthday.
>Love this year so much, really sad to see it end.
>I'm (about as much as you can get before the world explodes because I'm so) awesome.

So yah. I had fun. Someone else do one before I feel stupid.
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Re: Time Warp Your Life Through the Ages and Such

Post by Mario on Wed May 25, 2011 1:20 pm

Gladly, T-kun old buddy.


>Starting to grow in the Kiddy Garden. And it sucked. My teacher was such a b*Navi*h, and was completely impatient with all of us, even though this was our first year of school. Almost got her fired in return.

>Got my first game system, a regular Game Boy Advance with Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. Kinda weird that this is supposedly the first Mario game chronologically.

>Got my worst injury ever this year. Me and a couple family members were going to a party, and we stopped to get some McDonald's. My cousin Jodi sat on one of the stools at the counter. Since it wasn't screwed on right, she was able to spin around on it. So, I wanted to try, too. Ended up falling and getting a huge gash on the back of my head. The workers didn't do shit about me, and were only worried about cleaning up the mess. So, my mom flips shit on them while some lady calls an ambulance. So, I spent the next month with a staple in my head. We were gonna sue, but the guy says he wouldn't take the case unless I got brain damaged or died. At least they took out those stools at every McDonald's in the country.


>Was in second and third grade at this time. Second grade was my worst year, by far, all because of one simple problem. These two little douchebags made up shit about me and told the teacher. And she F@#$ believed all of it, and I got punished. She even held back my best friend because he didn't want to do any work because shit was happening with him, too. I will never forgive you, Mrs. Boehne. Third grade kicked ass, though.

>My seventh birthday party was the only one so far where I got to invite all my friends from school, Luke, my friend from preschool, Destin, my best friend who got held back, and Trebor, my newest friend at the time. (Of course, I'm not giving out last names.) Luke broke my PlayStation 1 on this day when he broke the disc cover off, and it took him a year to buy me a new one. I forgave him for that, because I soon realized the PlayStation 1 pretty much sucked.

>Went on a trip to Arizona to visit my grandparents (both of whom died by now Sad ) and because my friends Skyler and Bree were moving back there. (I didn't know them from school, and they were both girls, btw.) These grandparents were not the ones I saw all the time, and were on my dad's side of the family. Like my dad, they were mean to me. They would never let me watch Spongebob because they only liked sports, and they held me down at the table when I wouldn't eat any oatmeal. (Very picky about food here.) When we went to the zoo, I wanted to go shopping for toys, and I was tired of walking. My mom carried me the rest of the way, and wouldn't put me down even when they said she should. Ended up staying at a hotel. We finally went to the mall where I got a LEGO set and a dancing toy cactus with a hat and sunglasses.

>I have been wanting a GameCube ever since I played Super Mario Sunshine at my friend's birthday party. Whined and begged about it for three months, including through the Arizona trip, when I finally got both the system and the game for Christmas. My favorite system to this day.

AGE 11

>First met Deku Link on BlazeCastle07 and somehow had no knowledge of Zelda Capital until I came to this site a year later.

>A video rental store opened up in my town, and they had brought with them a fantastic collection of GameCube games. The first one I rented was The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker because I liked the cute graphics, despite knowing nothing of the Zelda series. Fell in love with the games soon after. Unfortunately, the video store closed down because of the terror that is Netflix, and has been "For Rent" to this very day.

AGE 12

>Joined Hyrule Field, and met all of you guys. Wink

>Nothing else really significant.

AGE 13

>Trying to find an awesome MMORPG to play.

>Still have not seen or read any anime or manga. (I know, I'm a disgrace, right?)

>Shit happens in school. >_<

>I am typing this, and clicking Send.

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Re: Time Warp Your Life Through the Ages and Such

Post by Guest on Wed May 25, 2011 2:11 pm

So t-kun, im getting the strangest thought that your awesome

Damn, Mario's been further from home then I have...Not sure how the age bit goes on this so I guess I'll skip around what I can remember

I dought anyone gives a flying rats ass about me but I'll do it to see how much I can actually remember

AGE 5:
> Can't remember if I was in kindgergarden or still in Preschool
> I was always the prettiest girl, no matter what everyone said >:3 (And i LOVED letting Mom know that)
>If I could use my fingers, I did
> Lost my first tooth when my brother ripped it from my mouth playing with the vaccum cleaner cord =o=

AGE 7:
>Probley in 2nd grade also
>I belive it was my first leap year I can remember
> Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of time
>Spent more time at my grandmas then at home so I could play her 64
>I was actully into..pop and girly songs *shivers*
>Around the time I got my first ear peircings

AGE 11:
>in 5th
>A year after I met my brother from another mother Pinky :3
> used to be obsessed with teacher's hamster
>The beginning of the dark ages >_>
>Still actually liked going outside
>Watched my first anime (that I knew of at the time was Salior Moon, only to learn later that I've seen other anime before it)
>Joined band!!! :DDDD

AGE 13:
>7th or 8th grade. I can't remember I was always a year older then everyone else
>Moved and started going to a new school
>Started to draw anime religiously, first created Menroe and Lloyd
>Made some friends who actually still care about me in the present
>Got 2nd ear peircings
>Started to hate myself

AGE 15:
>Freshmen year
>quit band for like 2 weeks. Only time I hadn't been in it since 5th grade
>still very self conscious,
>my laugh started to become famous
>upper classmen weren't that mean to us

AGE 17:
>Junior Year
>Forced to move again
>went anorexic for about 3/4 of a year
>hated the new school, hated the people
>living with my grandma
>Don't care about what happens with my life, but waited for tomarrow

AGE 20
>Graduated a year
>Known my internet family about 2 years now
>Fall into deeper and longer periods of depression


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Re: Time Warp Your Life Through the Ages and Such

Post by T-kun on Wed May 25, 2011 6:53 pm

does anyone else want to see 64's? Or is it just me...
Anyway, your lives seemed fairly interesting. You both typed more then me XP
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Re: Time Warp Your Life Through the Ages and Such

Post by MidnasWolf on Thu May 26, 2011 12:15 am

Awwww Menrow :'(

AGE 5:
-Was shy but also very funny since I knew nothing of the world and did some pretty stupid things
-Was in kindergarden for the first year. My mom didn't want to pay for private school preschool so she had me and my bro spend a year in public school kindergarden. Learned NOTHING!
-Waist length brown hair, pale skin, purple dresses
-Had a swim meet where I swam in circles while singing "Row Row Your Boat". No one will ever let me forget it
-Took an interest in spiders and what not
-No friends. Spent a lot of time around guys since they were friends with my brother.

Age 7:
-First grade, nasty nun who's name I can't really remeber. Everyone at the school knew me since my bro and I were the only twins
-Started to get a reputation as a "tom boy"
-My friends and I played a game where we were trying to set free a kingdom. I ended up being captured and sacrificed the the bad guy's idols. This is Catholic school people.

Age 11:
-Long ago I had cut my hair short and was now starting my first year in a long time at a public shool
-Met people as strange as me
-Was bullied for my appearences and had a crushed self esteem
-Started to take an interest in anime which became my sanctuary
-Realized my love for writing

Age 13:
-7th grade pretty boring
-started to repair myself
-joined drama
-celebrated one year aniversary at ZC

Age 14:
-Sadder, but a little but better
-Became a little less interested in anime
-Agreed to therapy
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Re: Time Warp Your Life Through the Ages and Such

Post by Ezlo on Thu May 26, 2011 2:47 pm

I'm not sure how well this is going to go...But I'll try!
Age 5:-Started Kindegarden in a Catholic school.
-Grandma died.
-Short hair, no glasses.
-Started reading Harry Potter.
-Got first game system - a SNES and Super Metroid.
-Beat Super Metroid later that year. (AT AGE 5!)
-Was introduced to Pokemon by my cousin.
-Little brother was born.
-Pretended to take naps so I'd get out of class-
Started taking 1st grade classes while in kindegarden.
-Very loud. Very Happy

Age 7:
-Started 2nd grade.
-Got glasses.
-Lost 1st pair of glasses. (They fell off the back of a car.)
-Got a Gamecube and Metroid Prime. (and was too freaked out by the parisite queen to play it.)
-Started piano lessons.
-Went to Arkansas and was forced to listen to Elvis music on the entire 10 hour drive.
-Became a little quieter.

Age 11:
-In 5th-6th Grade.
-Met lots of friends who are still with me today.
-Got a Wii.
-Was introduced to Zelda through the Minish Cap. (And discovered my favorite support character in the series, Ezlo.)
-Discovered "anime" in the form of Avatar the Last Airbender. (it's not real anime, I know.)
-Discovered Naruto, and through it, many other series.
-Became quieter still, and was very immature.
-Joined band. (Started on saxophone but moved to drums. I like to hit things.)
-Dissected a perch. (So...many...fish nuggets...)

Age 13:
-7th to 8th grade.
-Matured a bit.
-Grew quite a lot
.-Started snowboarding.
-Met my best "anime friend" as we called each other. (Yay Bleach.)
-Read. Voraciously.
-Became addicted to Coke...A-Cola.
-Discovered Death Note.
-Starting to become like I am today.
-"Anime Friend" moved to Maine.
-Joined ZC.
-Later joined HF and SG (which I never seem to go on anymore...).

Age 15 (modern day):
-Started High School.
-Starting to branch out past Nintendo in games.
-Still reads. Voraciously.
-Watches anime a lot.
-Began harboring a deep hatred for ZC.
-Got hit by a rock and aquired a traumatic brain injury.
-Got a girlfriend. (Not exactly a girlfriend...more like...friend with benefits. I'm not THAT mature.)
-Became a bit more outgoing. (As demonstrated by randomly shouting out "Oh my God! It's Mel Gibson!" during a movie in class.)
-Grew to be awesome.
-Joined marching band and jazz band.
-Played LittleBigPlanet a lot.
-Played Portal 2. Very Happy
-Discoverd Dead Space. (Yay Necromorphs!)
-Also discovered Adventure Time with Finn and Jake. (Disclaimer: Shut up.)
-Year went by the fastest. (Probably because I can't remember half of it.)
-Now has Mononucleosis in the last 2 weeks of school, so has to do half-days at school.
-Wants a freakin' taco.

-The End-

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Re: Time Warp Your Life Through the Ages and Such

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