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An Interesting Day.

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An Interesting Day. Empty An Interesting Day.

Today I was in P.E. The teacher put on a Top 40 hits CD. I made it
through Kesha and Black Eyed Peas, but the minute Justin Beever came
on, I walked right out of the room with my middle fingers in the air
and yelled, "F U C K THIS SHIT, I'M OUTTA HERE!" I sat in the hall the
rest of the period with my fingers jammed into my ear canals. I came
back into the room when the music stopped and it was 5 minutes till
the bell rang. Gym teacher didn't say a damn thing. I guess he knew
where I stood.

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An Interesting Day. :: Comments

Deku Link

Post on Mon Apr 04, 2011 7:33 am by Deku Link

Serves him right for being a Belieber. God, even the NAME for the species that this Bieber F@#$ made sounds horrible. I puke a little in my mouth every time I hear him, his fans, or his horrible NOISE (that's NOT music).

Okay, I admit, the little F@#$ can play instruments and shit, and holy F@#$ is he GOOD at them, he just needs to get his ass out of singing! Because THAT is one thing he sucks the most at!! Oh, and he needs to stop wallowing in his success, he's making a big faggot out of himself. (Like getting bodyguards for his hair! HIS HAIR!!)

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