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The Grand Sea RP Character Registration

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Re: The Grand Sea RP Character Registration

Post by Guest on Wed Dec 07, 2011 2:09 am

Name: Christopher Shuzen
Title: Divine Lunar Prince of the Blue Moon.
Age: 16
Gender : Male
Birthplace : His planet Lumaria.
Ambitions: Dealer of Justice
Weapon (s) : His Bow of the Holy Blue Moon.
Power (s) : He harnesses the Power Ice, water and holy light.
Talent (s) : He has good jumps as well as stealthy and graceful approaches as well as fast hand to hand. Great perception and precision. He can also create temporary weapons of Ice. He knows mystical hymns that can be rather aiding or disastrous. ( Mostly for healing purposes or some sort of communication)
Crew: He is in a forced partnership with a Thief named Duncan.

Personality: Mysterious but yet cheerful. He isn't afraid to be judged by another as well as saying hes flawed. He can be extremely nice and over forgiving. His Mato's are " To help another for no reason is the best reason" and " Work with a smile and go the extra mile"

Appearance : [url=His General Look. ][url=his general design. ]https://2img.net/h/i923.photobucket.com/albums/ad80/LILCHRIS1006/Stuff/christopher_shuzen_by_christophershuzen-d4govn4.jpg[/url][/url]

weight : 131 ( Very slender )
Height : 5'10.
Weakness: Darkness, lighting (tolerable but not too good when using water) , and fire.

He wears mostly Black and blue, carried a bow that is collapsible on his back, wears black finger cut gloves ( cut/ designed to only cover half of his fingers full length ). Has his symbol on quite a bit of his clothing, The Crescent moon of course. And has a lining of platinum in his threading of the clothing.

Note. 64 Agreed that I could join.

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Re: The Grand Sea RP Character Registration

Post by Akkiden Mikuo on Wed Dec 07, 2011 2:18 am

Well, I'll take another swing at a RP, even if it kills me.

Title: The yo-yo tossing thief.
Gender: Male
Ambitions: "Gold, love, Adventure, what more to ask for, eh?"
Birthplace or home: Unknown
Class: Citizen (Marine Navy)
Crew: Chris (Forced Partnership)
Powers, Talents, and Weapons: Powers? None, none whatsoever! He's a Human. Talents? Does a yo-yo made of a steel alloy being he created and uses it to kick ass count? then yes, and acrobatic due to his thieving actions. His weapons are mostly his yo-yo and his wits, sadly, his yo-yo most often.
Character Description: Strong headed, flirt, thief, kind heart, intelligent, but makes stupid decisions, klutz, asexual.
Weakness: Electricity (He is terrified of getting zapped to death), being outwitted.
Race: Human
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 172Ibs
Eye color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown

"My Story? I've escaped from a jail, forced into a partnership with a person called: "Chris Shuzen", But he seems alright, I'll see how he pans out. But this adventure might be my only chance at being well known, or at least enough to pick up a lover or two...hahahaha..."
-Entry 1, Diary of Duncan.

Time is the fire in which we burn. -cosmicyawn

...Yes, I love Homestuck, not the fanbase.
Akkiden Mikuo
Akkiden Mikuo

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Re: The Grand Sea RP Character Registration

Post by Link64 on Wed Dec 07, 2011 11:33 pm

TO be frank. We're kind of full. But MS already removed a character for you guys's sake. SO! Both characters are in. HOWEVER! I cut the line here. No one else!
Hero of Time
Hero of Time

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Re: The Grand Sea RP Character Registration

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