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Introducing New Field!

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Introducing New Field!

Post by MidnasWolf on Sun Feb 13, 2011 12:20 am

You're probalbly wondering what this is. Well for future awesome RPG experinces, I figured that we'll need a RPG format of this site. Confuse? Well let me break this down. Imagine that The Legend of Zelda series were a website and all of the characters are members. Well just take that website and turn it into a livable world for LoZ RPing.
Still don't get it? Well look at this map:

If by now you STILL don't get it, then just read the rest and hopefully you'll pick up.

So if you do get it then you are probalbly critizing it or loving it, but either way, you must know that this is open to ANY change.

About the Country.....
New field is ruled by King Deku with his advisors being the other MODS. I'll write up the history when I got the time, so hang in on that. I called it New Field since "Hyrule Field" did not sound like a name for a country, and it is open for change.

The Members/ Residents....
Since this is a world for self-insert, us the members will most likely be the most oftenly mentioned people, though New Field is a "nicely populated country with two main cities bustling with people". Now you're suppose to act like your self here, but you can give yourself an fantasy twist.
EX: Menrow can be a dragon like Llyod if she wanted.
Anyone can hold any job the wish, like I want to be a knight in training, though it shouldn't be too far fetch.

The Magic Element...
Any kind of magic is alowed (even alchemy) and so is mystical creatures, like dragons.

Other RPCs?
Although this is a self insert universe, other RPGs (like Ahkn) can be living there, though they shouldn't be a main focus.

What's the numbers on the map...
Well one and two and the castle and capital city and I have no idea what to name them. 3 is the training village for the knights (like the sheikan village) and I once again have no idea what to call it.

Other Places....
Port Hylia is a beach city. The graveyard is where convicts (trolls/banned people) are force to live out their lives. The two woods are self explaitory.

How do we make a profile?
It should have the stander stuff, but the history should be based on experiances on any fourm you been on.

Who Can Use This New Mytho?

What Can We Change?
You can add or change anything about this....Oh now that I think about it, we need more of a FMA infulence for it, so think about that too.
Post ninja!
Post ninja!

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Re: Introducing New Field!

Post by Nova on Wed Feb 16, 2011 4:05 pm

I'm interested, so I'll join. =3

Name: Nova
Gender: Male
Element/Affinity: Fire
Age: Roughly 14.5
IQ/Intellegence: 142
Race: Kitsune
Hight: 5'10"
Weight: Around 165 lbs
Date of Birth: July 26 1996
Residence: New Field City
Weakness: Running out of stamina
Instrumeant: Humming

Str: 4
Def: 3
Mag: 4
Res: 6
Spd: 5
Skill: 8
Luck: 10

A good friend of lord Deku, and often right in what's said, joined the day new field was created, and held high expectations for Deku knowing his ability to make a website run smoothly and look nice. After the troll invation, and receiving a promotion to admin, sought a mentor on how to deal with trolls, and spent a few weeks working on that, and still is working on it. Sometimes doing the thinking for lord Deku, and self-proclaiming as an advisary.

(black)Fire magic
Very realalistic illutions

Deku, Ed, 64, MS, and TP

Espe, anyone that trys to harm and/or ruin a friend's work/creation


Not sure if I twisted right though.


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Race: Other??? Other???

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Re: Introducing New Field!

Post by Guest on Wed Feb 16, 2011 6:48 pm

Okay, I guess this is worthy of joining...

Name: Edward Elric
Gender:...Still Male.
Age: 15
Weight: 120 lbs. (Automail included.)

Powers: Alchemy, hand to hand combat skills.
Strengths: Cracking jokes, fighting, being a grade A smartass.
Weaknesses: Boobs, cookies, blank paper, (I'm a big-time doodler) and heavy artillery. (I like to make things go splodey.)

A close friend of Deku for more than a year. He is a nice guy, when you're nice to HIM or don't call him short. He's been through a lot of s h i t over the years with bullies, so he can be sullen from time to time. He can also be an asshole, again, if you get on his bad side. He tends to crack a lot of stupid jokes, act really weird at random moments, talk without thinking and just hang out with his friends.


There, I'm ready.

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Re: Introducing New Field!

Post by Deku Link on Wed Feb 16, 2011 7:40 pm

I'll re-render the map and make it more pro! :3 And add some locations, is that alright?


The avatar is a render by ZeFlyingMuppet.
Deku Link
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Third-Degree Professional Zombie Assassin

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Race: Deku Deku

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Re: Introducing New Field!

Post by MrKaboom on Thu Feb 17, 2011 5:27 am

I might join soon. For the map, you could add an unexplored island off the coast just as an idea

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Re: Introducing New Field!

Post by Sponsored content

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