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Enemy Guide

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Enemy Guide

Post by Deku Link on Tue Sep 21, 2010 10:44 pm

Here's an update for the enemies my friends!

Navi the Fairy wrote:Oh no! The enemies in Hyrule have nearly tripled! There are 15 enemies that have been spotted in Hyrule! What makes it worse is that Ganondorf might start sending out even more enemies! But for now, this is what we've found!

SkulltulaDeal 5 damage10 HPGives you 10 v
ReDeadDeal 15 damage40 HPGives you 30 v
OctorockDeal 1 damage10 HPGives you 5 v
Tektite(Red)Deal 5 damage10 HPGives you 5v
Fire KeeseDeal 10 damage
10 HPGives you 15v
Ice KeeseDeal 15 damage
10 HPGives you 15v
Iron KnuckleDeals 50 damage1000 HPGives you 200 v
DinalfosDeals 25 damage500 HPGives you 100v
MoblinDeals 15 damage30 HPGives you 50v
LeeverDeals 5 damage10 HPGives you 5 v
Deku BabaDeals 15 damage20 HPGives you 10v
StalchildDeals 10 damage20 HPGives you 15 v
Mad Scrub
(Do NOT confuse with a Deku Scrub)
Deals 5 damage (Any race may attack)20 HPGives you 10 v
BeamosDeal 15 damage20 HPGives you 20 v
KeeseDeal 5 damage10 HPGives you 5 v

Navi the Fairy (CONTINUED) wrote:I can't imagine how many more will be popping up! It seems as though, soon, we'll run out of room for this guide! I'm sure Deku Link has some things to address, concerning 1-hit kills.

Yes. Below will be more information for the characters that need to look out:

The Zora are EXTREMELY suseptible to both fire and ice, so make sure to go look for a teammate if you come across a Fire or Ice Keese. Don't get a Deku to help you, though! Which leads me to the next race to look out.

For the Deku, nothing is a better kiss of death than an open flame. Be careful with Fire Keese, and get a teammate to help you! Don't get a Zora, though.

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Third-Degree Professional Zombie Assassin

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