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Americans Are Stupid And I Wish I Were French

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Americans Are Stupid And I Wish I Were French

Post by MidnasWolf on Thu Sep 09, 2010 9:56 pm

Well hello everybody! Here we shall rant about stupid stuff that see see in the news, hear at school, or anywhere else! To get this all started, I shall begin a rant about the latest threat about Burning the Quran. I would like to say that I am not Racist or Anti-war in anyway whatsoever. So if you still want to rad it, click on the lovely spoiler button

I have heard about this only today so I matbe a little wrong, but here it goes! As we all know, there is going to be a Monque place built near the area where 911 took place. Now although that is major irony and incredibly offensive, freedom of religion and all that crap alows them to do so. And I know Obama made a big speech of crap and stuff but I would like to point out that human stupidity would probalbly get the place arsened before the place is a year old. Anyways, because this is such a offensive thing, Rev, Terry Jones threatened to burn a copy of the Quarn unless they moved it away from ground zero. That was apparently so offensive, that Muslims threatened to kill one US citizen for every page burned. I would like to pont out that they probalbly don't know how many pages it is and would just bomb the s*Navi*t out of us. (Besides, Tosh 2.0 saids it would be a lot more eviorment friendly in we burned a kindle instead). Well after that like 2 days, the threat was called off after some presuasion from Presidents fo the Europe wannabes told him that it would just cause more troops to die. Wait. Over the last 10 years 40,000 ish troops have died in Iqaru while 10,000 people die in America a year. Anyway even after international criticizen from people burning American flags to the Pope telling him not to do it, the Monque is still not being moved. Ah, just anoher day in a modern crusade.
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