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Sticky: Be careful on what you suggest.

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Admin sticky Sticky: Be careful on what you suggest.

Post by Deku Link on Fri Jun 18, 2010 12:56 pm

If you've come here to introduce yourself, please read the following.

1. If you've JUST arrived at the beginning of this forum, THE LAYOUT IS STILL UNDER CONTRUCTION!
2. Suggestions here are meant to suggest for new features, some layout ideas, etc. They are SITE RELATED, and nothing else.
3. If someone's already suggested your idea, save us time, and DO NOT POST ANOTHER.
4. Be willing to accept critisism, or don't post at all. Neutral
Deku Link
Deku Link
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Third-Degree Professional Zombie Assassin

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Sticky: Be careful on what you suggest. K48fh3123770/123770Sticky: Be careful on what you suggest. Mjv0r8  (123770/123770)
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