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  • 20100718
    *one rules falls on ground and shatters*


    The admins of this forum wrote:
    Hyrule Field Guidelines

    Please take time to read all 9 rules
    I. Do not Spam. Spamming is Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. In other words, do not simply type gibberish as your posts, and we need your words to be one sentence at the minimum. For stories and fan fictions, the sky is the limit!
    II. Our staff does NOT...

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  • 20121207

    by FierceDeityLink! - Comments: 11 - Views: 785
  • 20111207
    Here are the pics from New York. I know Royoto is making a slideshow but here is a few pictures. I have a video and am going to upload it later.

    The Rockefeller Building: we went to the top of it.

    This ones quality is bad but from left to right it goes my friend Nathan, Chase (Royoto), me, Thomas, Grant, then Sam.

    Royoto (Chase) and his beloved Pikachu...

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  • 20111130
    i am just testing to see if a can post from my phone. Did it work?

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  • 20111130
    Me and my school are going to go to new york next week and I am planning to post a picture of us in front of the Nintendo Store. I will probably post it. If I don't Royoto will.


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  • 20110604
    But now I am back
    I have been gone. This is mostly because I of school. It close to the end of the year and everything is just getting crazy. But I have one exam left and will start coming on a lot. But in the 2 and a half days of school I have an exam, a school-wide picnic, and the last day of school. I will be coming on more than I have before.

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  • 20110302
    Making games is like making chili (bear with me—it'll make sense). Like making chili, you first need a recipe and that recipe is the game's documentation. Having the right recipe is important. You are not making soup or stew. You want to make sure your documentation not only covers what is in it, but how it can be made: just like a recipe. Be sure to follow the recipe, but be mindful that it will have to change, especially if something doesn't go right. And, just like making chili, remember that you can season to taste. Some parts of the game will be "meatier" than others and you will...

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  • 20101211
    So I am going to the Army Navy game today. And Navy is going to win.

    by FierceDeityLink! - Comments: 6 - Views: 440
  • 20101208
    What is new in my life.
    Well I am getting a Golden Retriever on the 13th. A picture is attached. I also am going to Army vs. NAvy in Philadelphia.
    I have officially decided to be active on Hyrule Field. I got the iPhone 4. And well yeah thats about it.


    by FierceDeityLink! - Comments: 3 - Views: 442
  • 20101030
    Only 48 Hours untill the night. THe night we all die. I hope to bring in 7 pounds this year. 2 More than last year.

    I might post a pictures of my Link coustume. but idk

    by FierceDeityLink! - Comments: 0 - Views: 429
  • 20101010
    Well todat is my 12th bday and I am exited.

    I love this layout XD.

    I cat believe LZF4 would do this for me.


    So I will listen to Metallica bye.

    I will post what I got later.

    by FierceDeityLink! - Comments: 3 - Views: 433
  • 20101006
    Well I am bored so I should rant.

    The Hero's Shade. TP Links father and OoT Links son.


    Shield: The rusted Mirror Shield. Mirror broke and fell off.

    Sword: A Replica of the master sword made by OOT Link and given to the Hero's Shade so he would never forget.

    Clothes: Royal guards clothes notice the banner, like the one Zelda has.


    The Hero's Shade went to the lost woods to try and find Navi. Randomly. And he died and turned...

    by FierceDeityLink! - Comments: 0 - Views: 403
  • 20100927
    I know your Jelous

    by FierceDeityLink! - Comments: 13 - Views: 532

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