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  • 20100718
    *one rules falls on ground and shatters*


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    I. Do not Spam. Spamming is Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. In other words, do not simply type gibberish as your posts, and we need your words to be one sentence at the minimum. For stories and fan fictions, the sky is the limit!
    II. Our staff does NOT...

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  • 20120621
    I didn't know where else to put this.
    So later today, Espe and I are taking a trip down to Austin Texas to go see the amazing Hyrule Symphony preform. It's gonna be really awesome. It'll probably be the songs from the included CD with Skyward Sword, but I really hope they'll do a few more as well. Also, I'm not sure if Koji Kondo will actually be there or not, but that would be kind of the best thing ever if he was.
    I'll probably take pictures, so yeah I might post some too. I'll tell you guys how it goes down when we get back too.

    by T-kun - Comments: 1 - Views: 559
  • 20110807
    This will only waste your life furthermore.
    So there I was, being awesome, when suddenly I scrolled down to the staff blogs. There it was, my poor, lonely, still attractive Blog, wanting so badly to be posted in. So here I am, posting in my blog without a topic. Yay topiclessness. Since no one will read this, I'll just keep typing until I run out of creative things to say...

    Hopefully there'll be more creative rants in the future....

    by T-kun - Comments: 2 - Views: 493
  • 20101103
    It is a really good question from Pass
    Do you have any Zelda games (Ocarina, Windwaker) that are not purchased through your Wii?

    by PassmasterDX - Comments: 3 - Views: 560
  • 20101026
    oh you bet your left appendix!
    Since my previous RP was just so awesome, I decided to start a new one. (thunderous applause here)
    Oh your too kind. Anywho, this is becuase I had a great idea, not because the only RP im in right now is Espe's Latin one where my role consists of standing there and trying not to kill Throlio.
    So I'm making a new one. It probably won't be as epic as the previous one, but oh well. Look for it soon in the RP section! Join it! (Of course we will T-kun, your just so sexy we have to)
    Why thank you, random obscure people!

    by T-kun - Comments: 5 - Views: 527
  • 20101007
    So today and tomorrow Espe and I are in this workshop thing with this famous electric violinist guy named Mark Wood. We get out of school for 2 days so its awesome. And we get to play rock music. So its fun and stuff. But since the Lord has a sense of humor, Mark Wood decided to pick me out of random to go up on stage and publicly embarrass myself on one of his famed 5 stringed Viper Violin thing man woman. I think he picked me because im awkwardly tall and noticeable. And i have longish hair, which he likes.... i guess. So I went up and tried to play a 4 page long Carry on my Wayward Son by memory...

    by T-kun - Comments: 8 - Views: 495
  • 20100929
    HA! you actually thought I was gonna talk about politics! Who does that, politicians? Anyway, the real reason i'm posting is because I wanted to talk about this story I read in English that made me lol. (WARNING, CONTAINS REALLY BAD SUMMARIZING SKILLS COURTESY OF T-KUN)

    Its called the Lady or the Tiger. In a country, if your a criminal, you get thrown in an arena, where there are 2 doors. One contains a ferocious tiger, thats hungry. The other contains a beautiful woman, which if chosen, the criminal would wed then and there.

    So there was this dude. and He liked the princess...

    by T-kun - Comments: 11 - Views: 1094
  • 20100926
    It's true mortals!
    Yes! I hath been granted a staff blog, because LZF4 is awesome, and because espe never posts in his. I shall use it for 75% good. The rest is questionable....

    by T-kun - Comments: 5 - Views: 492

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